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If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish

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however alone you may feel, know that my embrace is eternal, like the moon embraces the earth, even in the dawn of day

i want love that permeates through my every pore, that engulfs my entire being. i want to fall dangerously hard, trust that i will be caught.

i literally don’t care for conversations about boys, clubbing, gaga, clothes, and all that stereotypical mundane gay topics that all gays seem to dwell over. I’ll never fit into that mould, and I’ll never allow myself to be moulded into such a restrictive set of interests and personalities.

I’m over this conversation and I don’t care. I don’t know how I’m going to survive four days with them.

i’m going to kms, like actually. gay guys are gross, like actually.

is it bad that I don’t want people to talk to me unless I talk to them first? Is that considered selfish?

how basically everyone annoys me just by texting me ahhh I’m such a loner by nature and people don’t realise it.

Cop:Have you been drinking?
Me:I been drankin'